There You Go by EPLEEZE album review.

Epleeze Alien

There you go is a love story from the point of view of a black extraterrestrial. He befriends this beautiful black woman who has everything an earth man could want from any woman,but notices her black man is not doing all he could to satisfy her in everyway. All she wants is attention,companionship and great sex.

The hook starts over a smooth rnb trap type beat with Epleeze exclaiming “there you go,there you go,girl you got me hypnotized standing outside of my mind eyeing the outside of your thighs,there you go”. The voice of Epleeze is one of a kind. A trained ear may even say its not of this world,so listen close next time you come across one of the many great songs by Epleeze. After listening to There You Go,I was able to leave the experience with this vivid story stuck in my head,especially after learning its told…

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Author: epleeze

I've always felt more then just human.

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