There You Go by EPLEEZE album review.

There you go is a love story from the point of view of a black extraterrestrial. He befriends this beautiful black woman who has everything an earth man could want from any woman,but notices her black man is not doing all he could to satisfy her in everyway. All she wants is attention,companionship and great sex.

The hook starts over a smooth rnb trap type beat with Epleeze exclaiming “there you go,there you go,girl you got me hypnotized standing outside of my mind eyeing the outside of your thighs,there you go”. The voice of Epleeze is one of a kind. A trained ear may even say its not of this world,so listen close next time you come across one of the many great songs by Epleeze. After listening to There You Go,I was able to leave the experience with this vivid story stuck in my head,especially after learning its told from the prospective of a love struck black extraterrestrial called Epleeze. Who also points out one of his many different abilities and physical features like the twelve fingers he has,six on each hand.

If you haven’t heard There You Go by Epleeze or any of his other great songs I highly recommend seeking these treasures out. Here’s a link below to YouTube to listen to this great story by Epleeze.

Epleeze. The unknown Giant.

Not many people in the hip hop community have heard of Epleeze. Who exactly is Epleeze? Self described as a “Alien in the rap universe”. Epleeze’s ┬ávoice comes off as just that,alien. With tracks such as Alien,which can be found on iTunes,TIDAL and also Spotify,Epleeze gives you a view of his life in south Florida as a Black Extraterrestrial. With lyrics like “how can I get away,so many counting on me.Still yet,a lot of pressure mounting on me. I walk around with purple stress on my chest. Inside these ISIS borders,with out a vest on my chest”. Epleeze sets himself apart from other Florida native rappers. Alienating himself sort of speak. Epleeze says he as big things in the works,so watch the skys for a official video release SOON.